The Marilyn Monroe Museum for Comedic Sensuality: The Simultaneous Inhabitation of Multiple Instances of the Same Space
New York, USA, 2015

Inspired by an early personal spatial experience, the Simultaneous Inhabitation of Multiple Instances of the Same Space refers to a spatial impossibility where space is a dynamic form unbound by its physical defining boundaries. The phenomena refers to the jump in scales of the ordinary in ways which are so dynamic and fluid that these merge into a seamless new reality.
The Marilyn Monroe Museum for Comedic Sensuality is an exploration of the above mentioned phenomenon within the personality of the individual manifested in architecture and space. Located in Central Park, New York, the museum creates a East to West void within the site of the park spanning the width of one block. The museum is divided into the spaces formed by this assigned intersection of the New York block and the existing Ramble zone of Central Park. The formed spaces represent the infinite number of personalities and scales of the Marilyn persona and are articulated in a appropriately incomprehensible way.
All the spaces are located underground with individual access from the ground surface. Thus the museum can only be experienced one space at a time leaving its scale, size and vastness indefinitely unknown. One is always aware of an incomplete experience of the museum, however he/she can never fully achieve the complete one. Similar to Marilyn's way of achieving sensuality: never exposing everything at the same time, while expressing all the parts individually.
Tokyo, Japan