Mircea Eni is an architect and artist from the Republic of Moldova. Currently I am practicing as a Senior Designer at Sou Fujimoto Architects in Tokyo. I graduated Cum Laude from the Illinois Institute of Technology in 2013 and received my Master of Architecture with Distinction from the Harvard Graduate School of Design in 2015. After graduation I worked at the offices of Christian Kerez in Berlin, Ensamble Studio in Madrid and Krueck Sexton Architects in Chicago. While practicing in Chicago I taught in parallel a Design Communications Course to first year architecture students for two semesters as an Adjunct Professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Currently I am pursuing naive and rigorous design expressions at all scales through Small Office: an architectural initiative founded with Marshall Ford and ka-sa: a product design studio, founded with Yuki Takeshima. I enjoy all things built, made and drawn focused on affecting the spirit. For a more thorough body of work please visit my online portfolio.

Tokyo, Japan