Pandemic Epilogue
Tokyo, 2022

For every hour slept in the year 2021 my computer drew a curve.

Looking back at the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic I felt the need to capture it into a visual project. This passing year was dominated by a shared feeling of hope and hopelessness. As if collectively we were attempting to leave the pandemic behind us. We shared a strong effort to resume life, resume traveling and resume planning. Alas - reality said: no. As eagerly as I was waiting for the world to return to normal in my waking hours in reality I was doing nothing. I was doing just as little while sleeping. Can idleness become productive? At least from the idleness one I wasn't aware of. Finding a way to transform idleness into visual work without my personal bias, or judgment. Allowing it to happen as I watch it from the side. Like a matrix of my dreams, each night's sleep was recorded and transcribed by a simple computer script into a colorful drawing. Each curve is one of its kind. Each hour of sleep became a curve filled with color. And every day became a drawing. 365 drawings for each of the days of 2021.
Tokyo, Japan